About Us

The School provides an environment to the students which promote their development at a period when their growth is rapid and they are ready to avail themselves of new opportunities, new knowledge and a new atmosphere. The school supplies a variety of opportunities which are not possible to the same extent at home, for example: - companionship of other children and guidance of trained teachers.

Ram Girish Rai P.G. College emphasizes development of moral values and mental abilities, imparting knowledge of culture, development of innate powers and enhancement of the child’s understanding through education.

Special emphasis is laid on developing understanding of and love and respect for Indian culture and heritage, and on inculcating National integration and International understanding.

Our curriculum is focused on the process and issues of science: the study of life, the laws and structure of the universe, and how humanity has struggled throughout history to put our understanding to practical use. At the same time, we seek to captivate the mind of each child and fill them with a sense of wonder at the grandeur of the universe, the simple beauty of the physical laws, and the miracle of life. To inspire within a child deep sense of the philosophy of science as the process through which humanity has built up our little store of knowledge-asking questions, observing systematically, collecting and analyzing data, and controlled experiments-is to prepare the child for a lifetime of learning.

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